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Support My Web Series


No, it's not hot guy on guy action, dangit! My web series is a hyper-masuline, testosterone fueled extravaganza! Well so far it hasn't had any car chases or explosions, but I digress.

But would you want to be a part of making the most outrageous action/adventure series on the internet EXPLODE?

With your support, I can greatly improve the production quality and expand the story into new, unimagined territory. Very talented directors and cinematographers, who are much better at this than I am, want to get involved! Starving actors are waiting in the wings to guest star! Let's build something amazing together!


To learn more about what plans I have in mind, please feel free to send me a message at steve@storbang.com.


Thank you for supporting the most outrageous action/adventure/comedy web series on the internet!

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